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Must have tools for WhatsApp!

29 December, 2021

Texting is a huge part of communication in this era, isn’t it? And it is hard to stay by your phone all the time to be able to reply to each and every text, especially when you are running a business! So, here are some tools that you can use to make your texting game stronger for your business.

1. Check whatsapp numbers:

Running a business simply means a lot of communication, contacts and lots of text messages. Which also include promotional messages. Now sometimes, you may receive some messages which make you wonder if the contact is real or not. And to find that is really important because sometimes it can even be a scam! There are some tools which can help you in finding whether the contact is real or not, such as Whatools.io. Which can help you in finding out about the authenticity of the particular numbers.

2. Send bulk messages:

When running a business you frequently have to send a lot of messages to a lot of people and some popular texting platforms such as whatsapp do not allow sending of contacts at once. In that case you will need a tool which will let you send messages in bulk to your contacts at once!

3. Automated replies:

Automated replies are quite important when you are dealing with people texting you about queries or similar questions. You do not want to reply to them the same message multiple times or when you have a similar greeting or reply to everyone who texts you. Automated replies also include texting at a pre-decided time so you can reply to contacts at the time you want without worrying about forgetting to reply to them!

4. Create stickers:

Sending stickers may sound childish but in some certain situations it may create a bond with the person texting you por may leave a friendly impression on customers. So custom stickers are also a good idea. You can create decent or professional stickers for your business so that the customer feels connected to you and your business!

All in all we have various tools to maintain our customers and increase the sales. Making use of such tools for one of the most popular platforms, whatsapp, makes business easier. Afterall, this is the new era of communication in which businesses should make full use of the available resources.

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