Can I make mass WA Messaging via the API?

We encourage our customers not to send unwanted messages and not to make bulk marketing messages. Otherwise your account can be blocked by the WhatsApp anti-spam system! The WA API allows you to send up to 1,000+ messages per day. BUT! If recipients do not want to receive such messages, they will click the "Spam" button in WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp account will be blocked. It is possible to send only messages that the recipients expect.

I need to send more than 1,000 messages a day. What to do?

Use multiple accounts. Multiple numbers of WhatsApp allow you to send more messages per day.

Can I send images, audio and video, PDF files?

Yes, you can.
The maximum file size is 6 mb. It is better to send large files with a link, not base64.

Will Chat API be updated when I update WhatsApp?

Yes, it will be updated. WA API has been working and supported since December 2015. Usually there are 3 - 4 updates per year, affecting the work of the WA API. Within 1 working day, we adapt the API to the changes.

How many message I can send per day ?

WA API Sender Made Only for Transactional purpose like

Book My Show, Oyo Rooms, Make My Trip, Goibibo

To Say

Thank you For shopping, Thank you for Staying, Thank you for Dining, Thank you for the Visit, Thank you for Registering Etc..

If your number is Old With WhatsApp you can still Send 50-300-500 Transactional message at once to your customers(who not report you as spam!! or block you on wahatsapp (20-30 blocks or reported as spam may cause your WAPP Number Ban on whats app

-You can still unban your number by sending mail to whats app support Just Search You Tube How to Unban WhatsApp Number


We Don't Recommend you to send BIG BULK through any whatsapp software Due to WhatsApp Algorithm If you are Trying to send Bulk, WARNING! Don't Use Important Number! and Never use newly activated numbers for sending bulk if you realy want to send bulk promotion to your customer Buy New sim use 7-30 Days normally by sending Hi, Hello Good morning message, to your contacts and Joining some whats app group Respect Users Privacy! Send Only Relative Message if they are interested.


Put Flight Mode For 10 Sec To Change Mobile IP Dynamically

Recommended Setup For Safe Sending

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